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Just like humans, dogs can always learn something new. Make learning/training fun for you and your dog.

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Cat Behavior Articles

Cat behavior includes body language, elimination habits, aggression, play, communication & more.

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Small Mammal Behavior Articles

Information for a variety of small animals such as rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, & guinea pigs.



The OAHS offers free handouts, counseling and workshops to help people learn the skills needed to create and maintain the human-animal bond. If you need help please contact us at 920-424-2128 or the Behavior Hotline, 920-230-0279.

On an average day the OAHS assist 75 people who have special needs, concerns and questions relating to surrenders, adoptions, behavioral issues, emergency situations and health concerns. Trained staff members spend several hours counseling people with no desire to surrender their animal, but because of behavioral issues they feel they have no choice.

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Education & Tours

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is dedicated to informing the community about animal behavior, safety, pet responsibility, and bite prevention. Countless hours are spent on the phone with community citizens, answering their questions, as well as in classrooms, teaching over 650 children each year about these important issues. OAHS offers a variety of programs, based on the needs of the animals and the community, such as bite prevention programs for the Oshkosh Police Department and public cat behavior classes, but it is with the youth of our community that OAHS staff and volunteers devote their greatest time and efforts to reaching.

Education is the key to ending pet overpopulation and the problem of homeless, unwanted animals. The earlier children have an understanding of companion animals and their needs, the better chance these children will grow with an instilled respect and compassion toward all living things and our environment. Every year more than 650 children have the opportunity to learn how to meet the needs of companion animals, what it means to be a "responsible" pet owner, safety around animals and how to read animal body language. Showing children how to be caring and compassionate youngsters will encourage them to grow into responsible and respectful adults, building a more humane community for people and for their pets.


The Oshkosh Area Humane Society recommends school and/or service groups have an educational presentation before requesting a tour of the animal shelter. Children who first participate in an educational program will have a better appreciation and understanding of why there is a need for an animal shelter and what they can do to help homeless animals.

Tours are a great way to learn more about what OAHS does to help people and animals in our community. Visitors see all the public areas of the shelter and get a peek at the behind the scene areas too. For school groups and/or scout troops please allow at least an hour as an educational program precedes every tour. While there isn't time to visit with all the animals there is always an OAHS Greeter cat or two waiting for a scratch under the chin. Please try to schedule programs and tours at least two weeks in advance. Sorry, OAHS is unable to provide tours and/or programs mornings or on Saturdays. For detailed information call 920-303-3166.


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