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The following young individuals and youth groups have performed generous acts of kindness in an effort to make life better for the homeless animals at OAHS. Each has received an OAHS Purple Paw in tribute of their good deed.  We greatly appreciate their compassion and the passion with which they give.


April 2019

March 2019
Oakwood 4K Program
Elsa Hirschberg
Girl Scout Troop 2348
Mrs. Cardinal's 1st grade class at Carl Traeger Elementary school

February 2019
Franklin School-- Ms. Daubert's Kindergarten Class
Jack Bennett

January 2019
Oshkosh West Leadership Class
Autumn Esch

December 2018
Wyatt Hughes
The Sonnenschein Family
Desmond Starks
Buelow Family Christmas
Ben Byczek
Cedar Valley 4-H Club
Lourdes Academy Preschool Oshkosh



September 2018

August 2018
Kelly Hunter
Davis Child Care Center
Nelly Harrison

July 2018
Laura Baker
Miley & Paytom Anderson
Mackensie Kettlewell

June 2018

May 2018
Donner Webster Halls- UWO
Oaklawn Elementary 5th Graders
South Scott Hall Counsel UWO
Austin- Lemonade Stand
Read Elementary School Penny War
Read School Girl Scout Troop 2290
Poygan Go-Getters 4H
Lake Shore Girl Scout Troop 8043

April 2018
Elaine Kaske
Carrie Poppe
South Gruenhagen Hall
Riley Palecek

March 2018
Abigail Sorensen
Troop 2339

February 2018
Lourdes Academy Elementary School -Casual for a  Cause Friday
Raven Meyer
Smith Elementary Students

January 2018
Abbey Wolfe






Happy Birthday- April
Nana Knapple

Happy Birthday - February 2019
Auri Arthur
Noah Cardinal
Patton Thon

Happy Birthday - January 2019
Kiara Deppiesse
Abby Mack
Jenna Kuhlman
Leah Kuhlman

Happy Birthday December 2018
, Cain, Dorian, Kaden & Alex
Sophia Borgen
Reeghan Jaschob
Deidra Flouro
Kierstaen Dietschweiler
Natasha Konop
Alyssa Casey
London Rasmussen
Ella Seering

Happy Birthday November
Kenadie Mikula
Kennedy Ott

Happy Birthday October
Joy Wheel
Jett Barber

Happy Birthday September
Anna Alsberg

Happy Birthday August
Anna Alsberg
Nellie Harrison
Shepherd Johnson
Sam Frank
Adam Schuler

Happy Birthday - July

Penya Richards
Aurelia Arthur

Happy Birthday - June


Happy Birthday - May

Happy Birthday - April

Natalie Brandt
Riley Palecek
Zoe Rucinsky
Kyle Rilofsky

Happy Birthday - March -2018

Happy Birthday - February 2018

Happy Birthday-January-2018
Sophia - Dec 29 Birthday

Any omissions are unintentional. If your name or the name of your business or service group is not listed, please contact Cheryl Rosenthal at 920-424-2128 (Last updated 01-07-19) December Award recognition will be extended into the following for three months.) Pictures are taken down after 3 months. Send a picture of your Purple Paw Recipient with their Purple Paw Award to 1925 Shelter Ct, Oshkosh WI 54901 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Birthdays are listed under the month the gifts were received by OAHS.
Sorry, we can't guarantee all pictures will be published. Pictures are taken down after 3 months have passed.

Kind Kid Pics


What People are saying about OAHS

Hi! I wanted to update, I adopted Casanova on Saturday. Little buddy was confided to the bathroom for the first day then went and hid under our bed. Yesterday he finally started to come out for pets and loving if I lay on the floor by the bed. He's such a sweetie. Thank you for adopting him ...

Jason A.
Feb 22, 2019