The Oshkosh Area Humane Society, located at 1925 Shelter Court, Oshkosh, WI, has a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Program and help available for caregivers/sponsors. We can help with trapping, altering, vaccinations for rabies and distemper, ear-tipping and returning theses cats to the location where they congregate.

TNR is a win-win for the community and cats, and the most humane way to control the feral and community cat population.  For more information please contact Tawana at 920.424.2128 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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“Cat”: means a member of the Species Felis Catus

“Feral Cat”: means a cat that is unsocialized to humans and can have a temperament of extreme fear and/or resistance to contact with humans. This can include a free-roaming cat without visible discernible or microchip owner identification of any kind. (note: not all free-roaming cats are “feral”.)

Community Cat: “Community Cat” is a feral or free-roaming cat that has been sterilized, vaccinated and ear-tipped.

Community Cat Colony: A Community Cat Colony is a group of cats that congregate together, although not every cat in a colony may be a Community Cat.

Ear-Tipping: Ear tipping means removing approximately a quarter inch off the tip of a feral cat's left ear while the cat is anesthetized for sterilization. Some vets choose to “notch” the left ear, but the universal identification for a Community Cat is ear-tipping.

Sponsor: A “sponsor” may be any animal humane society, non- profit organization, animal rescue, adoption organization or a designated community cat caretaker that also maintains written records on Community Cats.

Feral Cat Caregiver: “Feral Cat Caregiver” or “Sponsor” means any person who: in accordance with a program approved by The Oshkosh Area Humane Society, to trap, alter, vaccinate for rabies & distemper, ear-tip and return feral cats to their original area:
(1.) provides care, including food, shelter & medical care to the cat or Community Cat colony
(2.) has temporary custody of the cat

Keeper: “Keeper” means any person:
(1.) who has legal title to, a property interest in, or permanent custody of any animal regulated by this subtitle; or
(2.) who, for three days or more has temporary custody of, keeps, possesses, regularly feeds or exercises control over any animal
EXCEPTION; “”Keeper” does not include a person keeping a feral or Community Cat as a feral or Community Cat caregiver.

Kennel: “Kennel” means any premises or part of any premises where three (3) or more dogs or cats over 6 months old are boarded or maintained.
EXCEPTION: “Kennel” does not include the premises of a feral or Community Cat caregiver, unless three or more dogs or non-feral cats over 6 months old are boarded or maintained on the premises.


(1.) In general: Any unlicensed dog or cat that is older than 4 months old is presumed to be unvaccinated. This presumption can be rebutted only by a current rabies vaccination certificate signed by a veterinarian or issued by an approved government agency.
EXCEPTION: A feral cat or Community Cat that has been ear-tipped is presumed to have been vaccinated at least once.

Seizure of Animal
The Oshkosh Area Humane Society may adopt rules and regulations to govern the circumstances and procedures under which feral cats are seized.

A cat received by a shelter may be released prior to the 7 day holding period to a sponsor that operates a Community Cat Program.

Abandonment of Animal
No person may desert or abandon any animal that the person owns, keeps, retains or confines whether as a pet or for any other purpose.
EXCEPTION: A feral cat caregiver who provides care to or has temporary custody of a feral cat in accordance with an approved program to trap, alter, vaccinate, ear-tip and return feral cats to their area is not deemed to have deserted or abandoned the feral cat.

Rules & Regulations

A Community Cat is:

(1.) Exempt from licensing requirements and feeding bans
(2.) Eligible for release from an animal shelter to a sponsor prior to the
mandatory 7 day hold period

Community Cat Sponsors or Caretakers:

(1.) Do not have custody of any cat in a Community Cat Colony
(2.) Will maintain sterilization & vaccination records for a minimum of three (3) years and be available to an animal control officer upon request

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