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Featured Cat


Hi: I’m Poe and playing is my game. I am showing you my most favorite toy ever. This toy really needs two of us to play with it. You to dangle and swish it around and me to catch it! I’m a young lad and I love to play a lot. Once I am tired from all the playing, I want to cuddle and spend time with you. I love to put my head on your chest, purr and just have you pet me and talk to me. If you can’t adopt me, please come in and play with me. PLEASE…I want to play and cuddle with you. I am a purring machine, just stop in and see.

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Featured Dog

Hey Everybody: It’s me, Lucille and I am named after my hero, Lucille Ball. We both have red hair and a funny but bossy personality. I have been looking for my forever home for a while. I tried out a couple but they weren’t the right ones for me so now I am on the search again. Things I like include cats, other dogs, older kids, running, going for walks and playing. I hope you will take some time this weekend to visit with me. I would love to take you for a walk and show you my favorite sights. 

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Small Mammal

Bjorn & Dominic
Hi We're Bjorn and Dominic! We are chinchillas! I am pictured with my dad, Dominic. We'd like to be adopted together! I am the shy guy of the pair. You can tell us apart by looking at the color of our bellies or the size of our ears. I have the smaller ears! Chinchillas do require special care and can sometimes live to be 20+ years old. We like to eat timothy hay all day long and snack on some chinchilla pellets. Rolled oats or a cheerio or two make okay snacks for us. We also like to take "dust baths" to keep ourselves clean. Cages with levels and ramps often make great Chinchillas enclosures, and many chinchillas like to run on solid wheels like the "Silent Spinner." Please stop in if you'd like to learn more about our care.

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Pet Surrenders

We know it is heartbreaking but if you need to give up your pet, please call 920-424-2128 and we will schedule an appointment to meet with you. For more information - click here.

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Our Calendar

Thu May 21 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM
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Purina One Chicken Flavor Cat Food
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Sturdy Scissors
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