My name is Binx. I'm here to tell you why you should adopt from OAHS. Because there are NO CAT OR KITTEN ADOPTION FEES! Yes, there are a lot of other places you could get a cat. I see them being handed out like Halloween candy on those craig-like lists and other websites. (I've been known to sneak on the computer when the office is closed.). But you need to ask yourself:

Have those cats or kittens had any medical care? Did they get their vaccinations? Are they even old enough to be taken away from their mother? (Should be 8 weeks old minimum). At OAHS, not only are there NO ADOPTION FEES, but ALL cats have received their appropriate vaccinations, are spayed or neutered ("fixed"), and have received an initial health checkup. Yup, it's true. I don't know how much more free stuff they can give you, other than maybe a car to take us home in (don't bother, they alreadytold me NO!). And you don't have to meet anyone in a strange parking lot or anything to actually meet a cat. You can stop at OAHS and let the adoption counselors tell you all about each and every one of us and show you our paperwork.

And plus, after you adopt you have support! You can get free nail trims or have the staff put on nail caps. And they are always there for you when you have questions or concerns. Try finding that amy place else! It's so easy and it just makes sense to adopt from OAHS! So what are you waiting for? OAHS is open Tuesday and Wednesday noon-6pm, Thursday and Friday 2-8pm and Saturday 10am-3 pm.


*There may be a licensing fee of $5 if you live in the City of Oshkosh and a rabies reimbursement fee of $17 at the time of adoption.

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