Halloween is approaching, a time for costumes, tricks, treats, and fun!  But it's not always a good time for our animals.  Here are a few common-sense safety tips for helping your animal stay safe during the festivities.

1.  Know your animal's comfort level with trick-or-treaters.  Strangers in costumes coming to the door, knocking and ringing the doorbell can send some pets into a frenzy.  If   
our animals aren't comfortable with a lot of traffic in their house, give them a quiet, safe space away from the hustle and bustle, with a favorite toy, chewie, etc.

2.  Make sure your pet has ID tags should they get out of the house or yard so you can be reunited quickly.

3.  Watch the candy!  Fido and Fluffy may get into that bowl of candy.  Make sure it isn't accessible.  Chocolate can be deadly to animals and at minimum can cause severe
     digestive issues.

4.  Costumes?  There are few things more adorable than an animal in a costume but it's important to know their tolerance threshold.  if putting a costume on your pet sends
     them into a panic or causes them discomfort, leave it off.  Also make sure they cannot eat parts of the costume.    For more info about Halloween safety tips click here.

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