Shelter News

DIY Cat Houses for Community Cats

It's COLD out there! Do you have community cats in your area you're worried about? It's inexpensive and easy to provide warm shelter for outdoor cats. Check out how easy it is to make a warm, insulated cat shelter: Click Here.

No Adoption Fees for Cats/Kittens

My name is Binx. I'm here to tell you why you should adopt from OAHS. Because there are NO CAT OR KITTEN ADOPTION FEES! Yes, there are a lot of other places you could get a cat. I see them being handed out like Halloween candy on those craig-like lists and other websites. (I've been known to sneak on the computer when the office is closed.). But you need to ask yourself:

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Cold Weather Tips

The weather outside is frightful! The best weather safety precaution you can take is to bring your animals inside away from the elements. Pets are sensitive to severe cold and are at risk

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