Has your cat or dog gone missing? Follow these guidelines for finding your lost cat or dog. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION!

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society is contracted with many townships around the Fox Valley area to take any stray pets that are found. If you find or lose a pet outside of the City of Oshkosh the first step is to contact the Town Chairperson or Constable to either get approval to bring the found animal to OAHS or to get any information about sightings of the animal you have lost.

The OAHS holds stray animal contracts with the following areas – meaning if a stray is found in one of these areas it can be brought to OAHS:

City of Oshkosh (contact OAHS at 920.424.2128 or call Oshkosh Police Department if after hours at 920.236.5700)

Town of Algoma : 920-235-3789

Town of Black Wolf (Leo, Constable) : 920-410-2400

Town of Clayton (David, Animal Control) : 920-836-3046

Town of Neenah (Bob, Chairman) : 920-729-5995

Town of Nekimi : 920-426-5811

Town of Omro (Brian, Chairman) : 920-279-3181

Town of Poygan (Marty, Chairman) : 920-685-6755

Town of Ruschford (Sean, Constable) : 920-685-0913

Town of Utica : 920-410-0347

1. Immediately file a "lost" report with all area humane societies, rescues and veterinary clinics. Many organizations, including OAHS, have an online form you can quickly submit so you can be contacted immediately if your pet comes in. Check the Stray Facebook page for all recent strays at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. You can also call OAHS at 920.424.2128.

Submit a Lost Dog Report to OAHS.

Submit a Lost Cat Report to OAHS.

2. Post your pet online - Craigslist and Facebook are two online sites where you can get your pet's pictures posted along with a thorough description and your contact information. Facebook has both Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Cats of Wisconsin where you can submit the information and they will automatically generate flyers to distribute.

3. Get the word out! Distribute flyers to neighbors and area businesses with a picture, description of your pet and your contact information.


From Lost Dogs of Wisconsin (www.lostdogsofwisconsin.org)

Immediately put out food, water and your dog's bed or an article of your clothing at the location where your dog was last seen. There is a good chance that your dog may return. Dogs rely heavily on their scent and they can pick up the scent of familiar objects to lead them home!


From www.petfinder.com

When Indoor Cats Get Lost:

1. Determine the escape point: When an indoor-only cat escapes outside, the best technique to use is to determine the escape point, like perhaps a door found cracked open

. 2. Follow the edge of the house or building: A panicked cat will typically follow along the side of the house, rather than risk slinking or bolting out into the open. However, this depends on what happens the moment that cat escapes — if the mail man is walking up the sidewalk the cat could bolt and run directly across the street. But most times, indoor cats will either slink left or slink right following the edge of the house.

3. Look for the closest hiding spots: Following the edge of the house to the right, look for the first hiding place — deck, access under a house, shed with opening, open garage, etc. — and focus on that area. Then do the same to the left.

4. Place humane traps, cameras or food in those spots: If you don’t see or find the cat, you can put humane traps there, wildlife cameras, or even a plate of food at first to see if it vanishes.

FOUND A PET? Chances are, someone is looking for him/her!

If the pet has no identifying tags or information that can directly lead you to the owner then, if you are able to safely capture the animal (always use caution) then bring it to the local humane society as that is usually the first place people look for their lost pets. If you cannot bring the animal to a shelter but have it at your home then file "Found" reports with local humane societies, rescues and veterinary clinics. OAHS has "Found" reports that can be submitted online. Vet clinics and most humane societies can also scan the pet for a microchip that may identify the owner.

Post the animal on Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Cats of Wisconsin - tell them where you found it and attach a picture if possible.

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